Impact of Illegal Immigration in California

in California

Estimates suggest California is home to at least a fourth of all illegal immigrants in the United States, roughly 3 million.  The state faces a severe economic burden due to millions of illegals living here. Many of these illegals are valuable contributors to the growth of California.  They work, spend money, and consider California a home.  As important as they are to the economy, these illegals must be brought into the fold and start paying into the system. 

Illegal immigrants tend to be poorer and have more children on average.  They typically use more in public services than they contribute in consumption taxes (i.e. sales tax).  Though it is wrong to blame illegals for the fiscal problems of California, it is clear that rewarding their behavior is not the answer either. The availability of low cost government benefits such as public health care and public schooling will only lure more immigrants to come to California.  At some point the state has to cut off such services to non taxpayers.  Illegal immigration needs to be restricted.  People can not be rewarded for breaking the rules.  The state prison system already has 20,000 illegals that is costing taxpayers over $850 million a year.

There have been many progressive immigration reform solutions proposed.  One that the California Green Party champions is a worker permit program where immigrants can have a path for legal citizenship while also becoming part of the system by paying taxes and gaining benefits like public schooling for their children.  Another proposal from the Green Party is to cut down on militarized border enforcement and instead use the resources toward education and economic development in Mexico which they feel will contribute to less people trying to enter the United States illegally.

Other parties in California such as the Peace and Freedom Party strongly believe business owners are the primary culprits in out of control illegal immigration within the state.  They feel business owners should have their licenses immediately revoked for hiring illegals as well as face jail time.  They also emphasize strong enforcement of California’s borders with the latest technology to deter illegals rather than aggressive raids and imprisonment.

This is a state built on immigration and opportunity for all.  Immigrants are an important fabric of the community and culture of California.  California no doubt has a crisis on its hands, but can certainly solve this problem using compassionate and fair methods that don’t result in brutality or racism.



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Impact of Illegal Immigration in California

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Impact of Illegal Immigration in California

This article was published on 2011/09/02
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