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For the past 70 years, Blue Shield of California has climbed from humble beginnings to one of the most innovative companies to provide health insurance in the state of California.  It is one of the most recognized names in the health care market today.  Throughout the history of the company, Blue Shield of California has led the way with many noteworthy "firsts."


For example, back in 1943, they were the first company in the country to offer pre-existing coverage options to people under group policies.  In 1950, the concept of catastrophic coverage was first introduced by Blue Shield.  In more recent times, the company offered online benefits and enrollment facts, the first of its kind in California.  Throughout the 21st century, Blue Shield of California continues its tradition of innovative by proposing new kinds of coverage for everyone.


As for basic facts about the company, Blue Shield of California was founded in 1939 and currently employs about 4,800 people.  It only provides coverage to residents of the state of California and covers about 3.5 million people in that state as of December 2009.  The annual revenue of the company is about $9.7 billion.  Currently, the Chief Executive Officer of the company is Bruce G. Bodaken.  Nationally, Blue Shield of California is an Independent Member of the BlueCross BlueShield Association.


The network for Blue Shield of California policy holders is quite extensive.  As of July 2010, HMO plan holders were given access to over and above 34,800 doctors and nearly 300 hospitals.  PPO plan holders have the option to see more than 67,000 different doctors or seek treatment at just over 350 difference hospitals throughout the state.  Those with Individual Medicare HMO plans have the option to see 12,000 different doctors or visit 75 distinct hospitals.  There are offices in various locations across the state, including Fresno, Orange, Riverside, Sacramento, San Diego and ten other cities.


The most recent 2010 awards won by Blue Shield of California include the Best Healthcare Provider Interactive Application, an award won from an internet advertising competition; Rookie of the Year won from Bazaarvoice; Broker Tools and Broker Resources, two categories of awards given by American Inhouse Design Awards; Advertising-Insurance/Campaign from Stevie's American Business Awards; and 2nd Place in the "Ethics in Action!" Program.  Dozens of awards have been won by this company in past years and surely it will continue to earn more awards as it leads the California health insurance industry.

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Blue Shield of California – Basic Facts

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This article was published on 2010/10/08